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About the Chamber

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Chamber Motto: “Connecting Members for Better Prosperity!”

Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce is to advance the civic, commercial, industrial and general interests of the county and its residents therein. Enhancement of the business interests and the quality of life for citizens shall be the primary mission of the Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce.

Formed in 1926, The Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce is an active organization made up of business owners, professionals, community leaders, officials and individual members.  The Chamber is the voice for business in the county and its mission is to enhance the success of business, tourism, civil interests and to promote the quality of life for all citizens.

The Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce has a rich history of getting things done for businesses and the community. Chamber membership is an investment, not only in he future of your business but in the growth of the community that it serves.

Our diverse membership represents the Crockett Area community, and communities at large, with members ranging from business to civic and non-profit organizations to education to government and home-based businesses and individuals.

The Chamber is guided by a Board of eleven Directors who are business leaders in the area and represent a cross-section of our Chamber membership.  Active membership in your Chamber carries  with it a sense of accomplishment and pride, satisfaction from the knowledge that you are doing your share of an important job for the community.  Every member has a voice in determining the policies and projects that the Chamber undertakes. Any business leader or citizen who is interested in helping to develop the community is eligible to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce.  The direct benefit is a stronger local economy: more businesses and more jobs with higher salaries and better fringe benefits.  The indirect benefits are more public programs, better schools, and a thriving economy. The work of the Chamber is financed by the investments of its members.

Chamber membership pays when our members become involved in helping us increase their exposure within the community, assist in building relationships with other members, provide referrals and offer opportunities for our members to enhance their business acumen.  A great way to build your business is by helping to build your community.

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